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What Isn’t Covered By Your Petfirst Insurance Policy And How Do Waiting Periods Work?

It is very important to understand that to offer you an affordable premium that certain eventualities are not covered under your pet insurance policy. Some of these are

  • Pre-existing condition (in other words, an illness or accident that already took place before you take out your policy)

  • Certain conditions such as hip dysplasia, entropion, and ectropion

  • A claim that has occurred and for which you do not notify us of within 60 days of its occurrence

  • Pandemic diseases

The PetFirst product does cover the below treatments for one surgery per policy year

  1. Cruciate ligament surgery (excluding implants) which is subject to a 6-month waiting period

  2. Back surgery (provided the underlying condition is not excluded under the policy)

It is important to also understand the relevant waiting periods and how these work, which are detailed below:

  • A waiting period is the period between the date your cover starts and the date from which you can claim under your policy

  • There is a 1 month waiting period for both accident & illness claims

Each claim is subject to an excess of R150 or 10% of the claim, whichever is greater.

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