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A pet guide 

How to
your cover

Pet insurance may seem like an unneccessary expense; however, it is important to consider the cost of veterinary treatment, should an unexpected pet illness or accident arise.


Pet insurance may not seem worth it when your pet is healthy. But long term illnesses amongst pets are not uncommon and the treatment cost could become very expensive.

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When deciding on how much cover your pet requires, it is important to take into consideration, Breed and your affordability. These aspects will have a direct impact on the amount of cover required against Vet expenses

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Injured - DOnt worry we got that covered

Why it's important

Your Breed Choice

Every breed of pet comes with their own list of potential health problems however some breeds suffer from health issues more common than others.

It is important that you as a pet owner are aware of common health problems for your breed of pet.

Your Affordability

Insurance should not be a financial burden. Choose the cover amount that fits your budget. It is better to have some cover than no cover in situation where your pet visits the vet.


Choose the cover amount that fits with your budget.

Imagine your pet insurance as a safety net for your furry friend. The "annual cover limit" is like a cap on how much money the insurance company, PetFirst, will pay you back for your pet's medical expenses in a year. This cap resets every year, giving you a fresh start.

Now, within this overall limit, there are specific limits for different types of treatments or claims. These are like sub-limits that define the maximum amount you can get reimbursed for specific events, like vet visits or surgeries. So, while there's an ultimate maximum for the whole year, there are smaller limits for each type of pet health expense.

In simple terms, it's like having a total budget for your pet's health expenses for the year, but with specific budgets for different types of medical care.

Lower limits are more affordable, but do increase the chances of their being a shortfall in your insurance payout for claims.

The cost of pet healthcare is substantial and should not be underestimated. Please consult your veterinarian specialist for any specific details surrounding possible costs of healthcare.

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