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How PetFirst Insurance

Experience Effortless Pet Insurance Discovery

Have you stumbled upon one of our social media posts or found us through a quick Google search? Welcome to PetFirst, where we’ve designed our platform to be your go-to source for all things pet insurance for cats and dogs only. While we currently do not cover exotic pets, we always cover accidents and illnesses—no such thing as accident-only coverage! With everything you need just a click away, you can ensure your furry friends are always protected.

Your Questions, Instant Answers

Curious about our claims process or want to know more about excess? No need to search endlessly. Our user-friendly website ensures that answers to your questions are just a click away. Explore our Claims Process page for insights and our ‘What Pet owners always ask’ for any extra details you need.

Instant Premium Insights

Now, you’re probably wondering about the cost. Discovering a rough estimate of your premium is as simple as playing with our intuitive initial calculator.

Step 1

Select your pet’s size and slide the scale to adjust the annual coverage amount.

Step 2

With each move of the slider, the premium updates right before your eyes, OR, chat to our Bark Bot who (although still learning) is able to give you a quick quote in no time!

Step 3

You’re in control, deciding what fits your budget. Keep in mind; this is for indicative purposes only.

Get covered today!

quotes in minutes

Ready to get a detailed quote tailored to your pet? It’s a breeze! Here’s how it works in 4 EASY steps:

Step 1

Tell us about your furry friend:

Is it a cat or a dog? What’s their name?

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Remember, at PetFirst, we price your premium based on breed, so your Jack Russell won’t pay the same premium as a Rottweiler.

Share some important details:

Breed, age, and a brief description.

Choose the benefits you find appropriate and needed.

These can be removed later if you no longer want them.

Accept premium and take out the policy!

Get covered today!
Group 21445_2x.png

Personalize Your Coverage

Now comes the magic!


Your pet’s profile appears, complete with a slider for adjusting coverage and checkboxes for adding extra benefits.


Every tweak you make instantly impacts your premium - whether you’re increasing or decreasing the cover amount or adding additional benefits.


You have the power to customize your policy, making it affordable and perfectly tailored to your pet’s needs.

Help is Just a Click Away

Need assistance? No problem! Click on any of our extra help tips to learn more about the options available.

Final Steps Made Easy


Once you’re satisfied with your premium, the final steps are a breeze. Provide us with your personal details, choose your start date and debit date, share your banking information for premium collection, and accept our policy terms and conditions. Verify your details, and voila, your policy is loaded.



It’s that simple, convenient, and tailored. Pet insurance, made for you and your pet. Get started today and protect your furry family member with PetFirst!


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