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The Claims process

How to Get Your Pet’s Bills Covered in Four Simple Steps

Take your pet to the vet

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If your furry friend isn’t feeling their best, don’t hesitate. Head to any licensed vet in South Africa.


You pay for the vet visit and treatment costs, making sure to keep your proof of payment and the vet’s invoice.


If it’s your first time making a PetFirst insurance claim, request your pet’s history from the vet before you go.

Step 1

When you visit the vet, make sure you have a PetFirst claim form on hand. Your vet will need to sign it for you to submit a claim. However, here’s a fantastic bonus: **if you choose to submit with our digital “Bark Bot”, there’s no need for a claim form**. You’ll still need to upload the necessary documents, but the process becomes even more hassle-free.


Ask your vet to complete the section at the bottom of the form if you opt for the traditional method. You can also send the form to the vet after the appointment if you choose to go digital. Just ensure you complete it before submitting your claim to PetFirst. Remember, the form must be stamped and signed by your vet.

Step 2

Submit your claim to PetFirst

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PetFirst makes claiming a breeze with two easy options:

  • Click on the link found on our website or in any of your PetFirst emails.

  • Chat with our super smart “Bark Bot” and upload the necessary forms.


  • Send your claim form to

  • In the subject line, write: “Claim” followed by your “Policy number”

For general queries, feel free to contact PetFirst directly at +27 87 232 7014 or email us at

Step 3

Get Reimbursed for your Vet Expense

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Sit back and relax; we’ve got this. Once we receive your information, you’ll get confirmation that your claim is in the works. We’ll provide you with a claim number and direct contact details for your claim handler if you have any questions.


We swing into action within 24 hours of receiving your documents, and you’ll receive your payment in less than 48 hours from claim submission. You’ll be reimbursed based on your chosen annual maximum and the respective sub-limits, minus any applicable excess.


Note: Make sure to fill out your claim form completely to avoid any delays in processing your reimbursement. Pet insurance has never been this easy!

Step 4

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