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What Makes PetFirst Pet Insurance Different?

The founding idea of the PetFirst product was inspired by you, the customer! We wanted to create a product which empowered the customer to understand what they are buying and to suit their wallet.

So how is the PetFirst product different?

  1. Your premium is breed specific. Your premiums are tailored to your specific pet. This means you pay for your pet and not someone else’s!

  • You decide your limit and what you pay. Most pet insurers only offer you plans, typically with big gaps in the limit you can get (as example Plan A may have a R30,000 limit and Plan B a R60,000 limit). The PetFirst product allows you to choose your cover amount in increments of R5,000 meaning you can choose R30,000 or R35,000 or R40,000 (and so on). This allows you to tailor make your policy and to pay for an amount of cover you think is right for your pet (and your wallet!)

  • You have the option to include public liability insurance for your dogs (or not). You will see this as an ‘on or off’ button on the page where you choose your cover amount. Public liability for dogs is an additional cost so if you want a cheaper premium, you can simply not include this!

  • All our limits cover accidents & illnesses. From our lowest limit of R5,000 to our largest of R65,000, whatever you choose you are covered for both accidents & illnesses.

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