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Why Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Economic euthanasia, a term you may not have heard before. This refers to a situation where you are forced to put your beloved pet down because you cannot afford the healthcare bill associated with an unforeseen accident or illness. This is a nightmare scenario for a pet owner and is one of the fundamental reasons why pet insurance exists.

Routine veterinary care such as an annual check up varies in cost but in general this is not why people consider pet insurance. The primary driver to consider pet insurance is the medical bills that arise from accidents & illnesses. Examples of these healthcare costs include:

  • Emergency room time can cost thousands of Rands per hour

  • Diagnosis and treatment of disease can cost thousands of Rands

There is a realistic chance your pet may need some sort of costly medical assistance in its lifetime. This probability increases if you have multiple pets in your household. If you want to avoid a difficult situation of paying huge amounts of money to save your pets life v economic euthanasia, then we strongly recommend you consider taking out pet insurance.

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