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What Is The True Cost Of Owning A Pet?

Taking on a pet is a long-term commitment – many pets can live for 10 or more years! This means that some pet owners are unprepared for the costs of owning and caring for a pet in a responsible way. The costs that you need to be aware of include

  1. Food – this is likely the largest annual cost you face. Bigger animals require more food than smaller animals.

  2. Medical care – pets require check ups in the same way we do. This comes at a cost. Accidents or illnesses can run in the tens of thousands or more! For this reason, we recommend that pet owners consider pet insurance such as PetFirst

  3. Kennel Boarding – the cost associated with putting your pet in a Kennel when you are away or a pet sitter to come to your house to care for them

The bottom line is that pet ownership is costly. Your pet has no choice but to rely on you to provide for their needs so we strongly encourage prospective pet owners to consider the responsibility that comes with pet ownership.

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